MMA Management

Arsenal Sports Agency represents some of the very best in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

ASA focuses on representing clients to a higher standard than those in the industry. Experience, matched with a massive network, has created a managerial firm that goes well beyond what is typically offered. ASA provides personalized career development plans, critical contract negotiation with promotions, sponsorships, and potential endorsements, full service training programs, concentrated class sessions, and world-class coaching – at a world-class facility in Huntington Beach, CA.

Services Include:

  • Facility Access
  • MMA Training
  • Strength and Conditioning Classes
  • Management
  • Brand Recognition and Marketing
  • Sponsorship and Endorsement
  • General Representation
MMA Management Services

ASA goes above and beyond for its athletes

In affiliation with The Shulten Group and Wells Fargo, ASA gives each fighter the unique opportunity to create, plan, and manage a financial portfolio, to keep their earnings safe and offer the position to reinvest.